APRIL 28-29, 2011 Cosmopolitanism as a mode of practice and competence involves the ability of individuals to navigate different cultures and their respective systems of meanings. Yet rarely is the role that place plays explicitly considered as being crucial for the emergence of this mode of practice and competence to occur, develop and be nurtured.  Hence, though cosmopolitanism does not happen in a vacuum, it is usually abstracted from everyday life and usually associated with elite traveling across several borders.

Alternatively, this year call intends to solicit films that look at very localized forms of cosmopolitanism and tell stories of everyday experiences of cosmopolitanism as they occur in our everyday spaces and places. Cosmopolis at the Grassroots asks for films that raise awareness of the inevitably increasing diverse social and built environment we live in -a view from the grassroots- as to document and value the everyday creative efforts towards the making of Cosmopolis of familiar places where we, all of us, can be at home.

In an innovative way toward mutual learning, this event, an intersection between a film festival and a conference, explores the potential applications of film as one of the most ideal formats through which we can understand people’s relations with place. Different from an usual film festival, it is not only themed, but  also hosts a keynote speaker who will give an introductory lecture, and the filmmakers are invited to discuss extensively their work during the Q&A session. Yet, though following this conference format, instead of asking for papers, we call for films and videos as visual essays on this year theme.

This event reaches out to scholars, teachers, students and practitioners alike who are searching for alternative methods to conventional data analysis and academic writing to create, investigate, manage, and disseminate knowledge.

On how to submit, please click here

This initiative is led by Vera Zambonelli, Associate Director of the Filmmaking for Social Research Program at the Globalization Research Center, University of Hawai’i at Manoa.

Fur further info, please contact us: diversityinplace@gmail.com


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