2012 Open call for entries on URBAN EXPLORATIONS

The 4th Annual International DIVERSITY IN PLACE FILM FESTIVAL (DIPFF) returns once again to Honolulu, Hawai`i! This year we ask you to submit films on URBAN EXPLORATIONS. Tell us stories about the existing, yet unseen places in or around the urban areas you live/d, visit/ed, encounter/ed. The notion of urban exploration usually entails this sense of off-limits, abandoned, forgotten and neglected places. However, these places, as Josh Clark writes, were once “created with people in mind; they’re constructed to serve some function that benefits us. But [once] abandoned, these sites cease to have any sort of purpose. By gazing upon these structures as art or historical monuments, urban explorers give them a new purpose.” Hence, our call invites you to leave your “normal” world, venture and wonder through less usual paths. Please share with us your stories of encountering, examining, infiltrating, appropriating the normally unseen or off-limits parts of the urban areas around you. Imagine and image for us what you encounter and what there was once to be seen.


February 1, 2012 –


  • We accept any short film, narrative, experimental, animated or documentary under 30 minutes in length
  • Please upload your film on http://www.vimeo.com and send us the link. If you don’t want to go public, vimeo gives you the option to keep your film private. Privacy options are available so you can have complete control over who sees your videos.  To share the password-protected video, you can send an email to diversityinplace@gmail.com with the password inside.
  • Fill the online submission form


Standard Fee: 25$

Student Fee: $20

Please make check payable to Hawai`i Academy of Performing Arts (HAPA) and send to: Diversity in Place Film Festival, c/o The ARTS at Marks Garage, 1159 Nu`uanu Avenue, Honolulu,  Hawai`i l 96817-5121 l Phone: 808.206.0848 l Fax: 808.521.2923l Email diversityinplace@gmail.com

Online payment available.  Standard &  Student. Please note that there will be a $2 convenience fee included on all online payments.

For entries paying the Student Fee, a copy of a current student ID MUST be included with the submission.

Approximately 1-March-2012


DIPFF, an intersection between a film festival and a conference, explores the potential applications of film as one of the most ideal formats through which we can understand people’s relations with place and promote awareness and a critical outlook on how we, all of us, experience place so as to have a better understanding of how it works, affects people’s lives and people intervene in its making. Held each April in Honolulu, Hawaii, DIPFF presents a wide variety of films from emerging and professional filmmakers. Different from an usual film festival, it is not only themed, but  also hosts a keynote speaker who will give an introductory lecture, and the filmmakers are invited to discuss extensively their work during the Q&A session. Yet, though following this conference format, instead of asking for papers, we call for films and videos as visual essays on the yearly theme.

Contact person: Vera Zambonelli (Founder and Creative Director)

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