Modern Ruins

EXTRAS / We all crave adventure. Sometimes I’ll eat cake–or if I’m feeling extreme, cake batter–and then, not even wait 30 minutes to go swimming. Other thrill-seeking souls get their fix in more unusual ways. Instead of climbing a mountain, how about climbing down into your city’s sewage system? There’s an entire world that’s been neglected, abandoned or buried by new infrastructure hiding underneath the world we live in, and there’s a growing community of modern-day explorers determined to map it all. The fourth annual International Diversity In Place Shorts Film Festival features a world unseen by most of the public, filled with archaic technologies, overshadowed by the towering and quickly developing modern metropolises.

This year’s wonderful collection of short films includes a portrayal of a new band of outsiders who explore breathtaking and dangerous parts of major cities while avoiding the eye of the authorities. Hear the testimonies of individuals who have traversed through discontinued subway lines and climbed the Brooklyn Bridge in the film Crack the Surface. In the film Bitter Coffee you’ll be taken on a tour of some transforming Arab cities, where a balance between preserved architecture and development are attempting to be kept. Unfinished Italy is a glance at a world of unfinished architecture between the end of World War II and the present day. These are beautiful and devastating byproducts of a human race indulgent and vanishing.

Marks Garage, 1159 Nuuanu Ave., Sat., 4/7, 7–9:30pm, free, []

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