Aloha All!

Thank you very very much for being part of the 2nd Annual edition of our Diversity of Places film festival.

If you have time to write, we would love to hear your comments, suggestions and feedbacks on the event. Looking forwards to hearing from you.

Thank you once more.

1 comment
  1. vera said:

    I am copying some comments here:

    “I just watched the screening yesterday in Honolulu. Thank you for showing your courage in the face of adversity. You guys are revolutionary in changing this complex world we live in. All of you make me proud to be Vietnamese” facebook wall post

    “Thank you so much for sharing such incredible films. They were absolutely inspiring! I kept thinking, “Oh, I really want to dance, make garden art, ride my bike, protest against what is happening in the legislature right now with early childhood education…” It was definitely a moving experience.” Personal email

    “Congratulations and many thanks. Big audience and lots of people stayed for the Q&A, which could have gone on and on had we let it, — a very good sign of an engaging event. Your stewardship of all aspects and gracious master of ceremonies manner were excellent. I think the opening remarks by Mike DiGregorio helped, too, to differentiate our subsequent focus and discussion beyond the entertainment and immediate intentions of each film. All your hard work really paid off!” Personal email

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